Facebook is turning into a grandma of sosial media – in a bad way.

“These two unknown people got married, and one of my highschool friends was at the wedding. Work-colleague likes this picture of someone’s dog. My relative commented something to someone’s baby news.” Interesting? um, NO. But this is what my facebook news feed looks like these days.

No news from actual people I’m friends with on facebook. Facebook only shows me public statuses from unknown friends-of-friends, that my random friends have liked or commented. I’ve got about 140 friends on facebook and likely they are publishing enough stuff facebook could show me… but facebook furiously hides those. If I go see any of my friends pages, I see a lot of statuses that have NOT appeared on my news feed.

The only statuses I see from my friends, are from the ones I’ve liked or commented recently. Then facebook shows EVERYTHING those five people do. And hides the rest 135 friends for good (except what their friends are doing). And the ratio is maybe 50% of strangers things, 30% ads, 20% actual “facebook content”.

Facebook new news design has turned about just as interesting as talking to an old grandma, when she’s talking about her friends from the old peoples meetings, or stories of distant cousins and what they’re up to these days. Those are people I’ve never met, and I have no interest in hearing if they have had a baby, a dog, or a divorce. Yet facebook somehow thinks this is more interesting than my actual friends.

I heard one could change the setting of what I see and from who on facebook, but it seems such a chore. I’m calling this boring bullshit, and switching to @ello. It seems everything is more interesting there.

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