Finland’s Eurovision song has a hidden meaning

Krista Siegfrids is a new name to many in the pop culture. Her record company Universal has said that they are aiming to make Krista an international star and Universal is investing significantly on her. Krista is representing Finland in The Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö this spring with her song ”Marry Me”. We can presume that Krista Siegfrids is going to get a lot of worldwide attention further on.

This article explores the true meaning of Krista Siegfrids song ”Marry Me” and why it’s important for the music consumers to understand it. But first, let’s have a look what was the song contest all about and who is Krista Siegfrids.

The song contest

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, shortened to UMK13, (The New Music Competition) is a Finnish song competition which winner gets to represent Finland in The Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden in spring 2013.

The TV-show was really well orchestrated by YLE (Finland’s national public-broadcasting company). In the beginning episodes the judges (4) were listening to the songs on a very basic TV-studio setup. Later on the qualified competitors performed their songs to them. While the contest progressed towards the finals the stage changed from a studio to a real nightclub in Helsinki and to the bigger Barona Areena on the finals. Artists were more and more styled, so did the judges, and everything was well polished. The artists and the project were heading towards the stardom so the show’s overall look needed to match the idea along with it.

Sure it could be just a normal procedure to move into the bigger premises and put in some more money while the interest to the competition grows. But that wasn’t the case for example with the jury’s outfits that were more and more boldier while the contest moved along. It was all about telling subconsciously to the audience that they are making a star so it would be acceptable to music consumers to start being a fan of the winner(s) who basicly came from nowhere as anyone can participate in the contest (like in Idols format). They provided the conditions for the audience to fall in love to the finalists in just a short period of time, like falling in love at first sight. The most of the audience probably have heard only one song of each of them but still the glorious exterior can trick people to believe the artist is a true star. If the look of the show is huge, glittering and stylish, then the artists in it must be as great, right? It is just the basics of the TV-producing how they manipulate the viewers feelings, nothing new here.

The jury on the early episodes. From left to right: Redrama, Aija Puurtinen, Tomi Saarinen, Toni Wirtanen.

The jury on the early episodes. From left to right: Redrama, Aija Puurtinen, Tomi Saarinen, Toni Wirtanen.

The jury on the finals.

The jury on the finals.

The looks of the judges changed every week during the competition. Did they represent the voice of a many-headed audience by changing their looks many times?

Who is Krista Siegfrids?

Krista Siegfrids is 27-year-old Finnish singer who won a ticket in UMK13 to represent Finland in The Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

She has studied to be a teacher in a university but has not graduated. She has been singing from an early age in the choir and she also has been into gymnastics. Previously, Krista has become known to some people from Voice Of Finland TV-serial and Comedy Theatre Arena’s Hou Hou cabaret among other things. She has told she is willing to make an international career in music.

Krista herself likes “party music” the most. Her role models are Lady Gaga and Maja Ivarsson from The Sounds.

Krista says her UMK-song “Marry Me” is dedicated to her boyfriend Janne Grönroos who just happens to be a radio host on Yle Extreme’s Succémorgon morning program. She also says she wrote the song to suggest her boyfriend that it’s time to pop the question. She has said that Janne promised to propose her, if she wins the New Music Competition (which would be stupid and superficial stipulation in my opinion).

In January 2013, in the middle of the UMK13 competition’s qualifications, Siegfrids received a record deal with Universal. She is now (already) making an album with Erik Nyholm, a Swedish songwriter, who has releashed music in more than 70 countries, including the Top 40 list hits in Germany, Holland, Spain, England, Korea and Norway among other countries. Erik is also involved in other UMK13 finalist Diandra‘s album ”Outta My Head”, released also on Universal.

Analyzing the lyrics

Finland’s largest subscription newspaper Helsingin Sanomat wrote the next day after UMK13 finals, that ”Feminists became enraged of Finnish Eurovision song”. The paper wrote it has created an opinion storm on the internet. There were no storm, only a few people writing comments to a blogpost. Anyways, it’s been understood that in the song a woman would do anything for a man, even be without eating to be thinner and being a slave to him, as long as this would propose her. Of course this is not the true meaning of the lyrics. It would be silly if it was. I have a better understanding what she truely means with the lyrics.

But what does Krista Siegfrids herself think about feminist’s opinions on the song’s lyrics? The paper writes: ”Marry Me is written with humor, and as such, it should also be taken”. Siegfrids says: ”If the people has no sense of humor, it’s not my fault. This is a Eurovision song, humor!”.

When you read or listen to the lyrics of this song, don’t you feel it doesn’t make much sense, with humor or not? For example the line: ”I’ll walk the walk of shame”. It doesn’t make sense because the song has a hidden meaning. It has nothing to do with being submitted to her man as a slave. It is all about becoming a part in the entertainment industry.

The song starts with lines:

Spying on you undercover, drinking coffee with your mother
Am I getting closer?

In other words, Krista is getting closer to the party of the music industry. She hasn’t become popular enough yet in what she does (that’ll be the music and entertainment) but now she is introduced to the mainstream internationally a big time. She has been working on some moves on the background without us knowing so she would become famous later on.

Universal signed her before she won the competition, but I would guess she has made a deal a long time ago before the contest actually took place. The song is so well produced, it probably has some music professionals behind it. Her stage charisma and self-confidence is high compared to the other artists who made it into the TV show. Even her well produced and scripted music video came out before she won the contest. It takes time and money to make a music video like that so who exactly started making it before the record contract was even made? By the way, I will publish on next Sunday another post analyzing the music video itself. Let’s focus on the lyrics now.

Baby, I feel like a sinner, skipping dinner to be thinner
Where is my proposal?

Krista is doing everything, even risking her health to get in the music industry, but no-one asks her in. She doesn’t like what she has to do and no wonder. To become a part in the controlled top selling music industry business is hard and only a chosen few can make it like you can see for yourself. Just have a look at any mainstream radio’s playlist. The artists have to meet a certain criteria and they need to do whatever their label tells them to do. If the artist/band wants to go big they have to go by the rules set by their new boss. They need to become slaves to the industry. You don’t want to be in a situation like that but there are always people who don’t care as long as they can become famous and live a shallow VIP life. They get married with the music industry.

Marrying the industry

I figured out this marrying the music business thing my own. I wrote the most of this article, but when I was browsing some articles on Vigilant Citizen website, I came across on an older article about Lady Gaga’s song called ”Marry the night”. I have to add this quote from the site.

At the very start of the video, Gaga’s monologue defines in unequivocal terms the plight of a mind control victim. Despite her hardships, she says, she is determined to make it in the music business and is ready to do whatever it takes to reach her goal. She therefore “marries the night”, an expression that has a profound meaning.

(From Mind Control to Superstardom: The Meaning of Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night”)

Just like I thought about Krista’s Marry Me. Krista too is giving up everything for marrying the music business. She sings: ”I’ll play your game” and much more. Keeping in mind that Lady GaGa is Krista’s idol this could very well be that she or who ever wrote this song was inspired by ”Marry The Night”.

Slave to the industry

I’m your slave and you’re my master
Oh baby, come on, take your shot

She sells her soul to the music industry to get in. She would be happy doing anything for being in and letting the elite to control her.

I’ll play your game, I’ll change my last name
I’ll walk the walk of shame

If the lyrics were about wanting to marry a man, no woman should ever say she will play someone else’s game. No-one should ever be a master of someone else. That’s what angered a few feminists. When you look at these lyrics in this light they are absolutely sick. But of course that’s not the case here. What she actually means is she will play the industry’s game, no matter what it takes. It all does make sense now.

Here’s Britney Spears “I’m a slave” lyrics for a comparison:

What’s practical? What’s logical? What the hell? Who cares?
All I know is I’m so happy when you’re dancing there, yeah
I’m a slave for you
I can not hold it,
I can not control it
I’m a slave for you
I won’t deny it,
I’m not trying to hide it

So who cares is it practical or logical if you can hang around with the cheating music industry just to get the fame and obtain some material gain? Well, I do. It’s stupid. Maybe people should stop worshiping the artists who promote such a thing.

Walk the walk of shame

What does it mean to walk the walk of shame? Why would anyone be in shame when she is married to a man who she truely wants to marry?

If there’s ever shame in marriage it must be the shame of being married with someone who is considered to be unpopular for some reason or who has whatever what would cause some social harm to one.

Another option is that the marriage is going to cause some shamefull situations when you accept something contradictory in your life. If it’s dangerous it will cause troubles. When you get fame you cannot escape from troubles or shameful situations. There is press around ready to write shamefull articles of you.

Let’s have a look what Taylor Swift (another artist who is promoting questionable things) sings:

I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places I’d never been
Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground

Fame and the industry bring in something the artist has ever dreamed of but can leave lying on the cold hard ground. It’s a troubled road to walk and both Swift and Siegfrids knew it but they both chose it anyways.

Ding Dong

People would propably be happy understanding that Ding Dong is only a sound of a doorbell or it suggests that it’s a wake up call to to-be-husband to marry her soon.

Ding Dong basicly means four things.

  1. A place in Texas. (Map)
  2. A sound of a doorbell.
  3. An idiot or like the put it: ”A clueless person that has no idea on what to do during a game of any sport”
  4. Dong is a slang word for a penis.

If we flip this over, it means that Krista is a clueless person who only accepts the rules to be in the game. She is a ding dong that should wake up to the door bell but she doesn’t because it’s her time to make money to the industry.

Or could the door bell sound mean that something is coming? Maybe we’ll see later who she has invited.

Did you know that there has been a ding dong song in Eurovision before? That’s right. Dutch band called Teach-In performed a song called Dinge Dong in 1975 and won the contest. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Krista has Ding Dong all over her Eurovision song?

Queen bee

So marry me, I’ll be your queen bee
I love you endlessly
I do it for you, for you, for you
Yeah, I do it for you, marry me, baby

If Krista is a queen bee working for the industry and owned by the elite what does it make her fans? Worker bees to serve her needs. They would be slaves to her in a perfect way, that is not knowing being slaves. In high school queen bee is the leader of the pack. Others are blinded with her beauty and confidence. A queen bee treats them continuesly enslaving way. They follow her because they believe she is hot and they want to be like her. Being attractive she can garner more attention from men which helps show her power to her subordinates.

In the show, the masked dancers lift Krista above them and a couple of other dancers worship her on the ground. She is now promoted to be a queen bee that the audience should serve.

Performing an initiation to become a industry star

Taylor Swift’s performance at the American Music Awards in 2012 resembles a lot of Krista’s. Them both have masked dark suited dancers lifting the artists up.

Here is Krista Siegfrids performing Marry Me on the UMK13 Finals. The service personnel aren't happy for some reason.

Here is Krista Siegfrids performing Marry Me on the UMK13 Finals. The service personnel aren’t happy for some reason.

Taylor Swift lifted up by the masked men in black suits.

Taylor Swift lifted up by the masked men in black suits.

And here's Britney Spears levitating up in her Hold It Against Me music video, also wearing a white wedding gown just like Swift and Siegfrids. Another coincidence? Btw, can you find a baphomet head in the picture (first spotted by It's on the left side of Britney.

And here’s Britney Spears levitating up in her Hold It Against Me music video, also wearing a white wedding gown just like Swift and Siegfrids. Another coincidence? Btw, can you find a baphomet head in the picture (first spotted by It’s on the left side of Britney.

Like Taylor Swift and Britney Spears in the video, Krista is having a white wedding gown symbolizing her purity and virginity. All of them are lifted up and later on Britney and Taylor go through a change when their purity is stripped off and they become less innocent and more sexy. It’s only a matter of time when Krista takes off her wedding dress and becomes a new industry’s sex icon.

Wedding is a ritual but who are these artists being wed with? I don’t see any men around. It’s the industry. Now Krista is a new upcoming star who is being introduced by the music industry and wed with them.

Masked people in the performance

Is it a bit confusing to put masked people in black suits dancing around a future bride while two female singers are wearing maid suits? But like always on TV, there is a reason for everything. There are no accidents on the major TV events like galas and closing ceremons or finals.

The elite first surrounds Krista in the start of the performance, like they are preparing her and later on they go behind her because she is ready. She marches towards the crowd with the crew following behind like in an army. Symbolically they push her forward to be worshiped.

In the highly symbolic movie Eyes Wide Shut there is a ruling elite’s masquerade ball, a party where all guests are wearing masks. Wikipedia says about the masquerade balls the following.

Masquerade balls were a feature of the Carnival season in the 15th century, and involved increasingly celebrate allegorical Royal Entries, pageants and triumphal processions celebrating marriages and other dynastic events of late medieval court life.

So the masquerade balls were the elites parties. The powerful music industry is the elite and they are celebrating their new star who is getting married with them.

The controlling industry is hiding itself from the ordinary people behind the masks, taking another identity. Wearing masks make them look like everyone else. Like The Phantom did in The Phantom of The Opera. They lift one of the industry’s many products up like it’s a gift for the music lovers to take, and then they go behind their product because this play is not about them. It’s about her.

The masked characters are actually all women wearing a men’s suit and having painted mustaches on their faces. Wearing men’s suits and having mustaches these female dancers are shown to be in a dominant position as being more masculine compared with the maids based on the teachings of masculinity. Crossdressing also refers to the male-like lesbians (”butchs”). As you can see in the music video, it too deals with homosexuality. The radio station YleX wrote on their website that Krista said she would gladly be gay icon. No wonder.

Kate Cooper, writing about ancient understandings of femininity, suggests that, “Wherever a woman is mentioned a man’s character is being judged – and along with it what he stands for.”


And the maids?

Pawns will get the fame and mansions to live in but their servants and other ordinary people have to serve them.

The Universal Music Group connection

Ilta-Sanomat (one of Finland’s two prominent evening dailys) wrote on January 24, 2013:

Universal’s aim is to make Krista a star not only in Finland but also internationally, and that’s why the record company is investing significantly on Siegfrids.

We should make an important note that Universal signed Krista Siegfrids before the finals. It would have been profitable to them to vote her so she would win. Krista got 38,6% of the audience votes, Mikael Saari who came second got 18,4% and Diandra 15,8. She would get an international attention and the record company would do what it does its best: sell a lot of music to fans. While I’m writing this Marry Me has been played on YleX 63 times and it’s its seventh week on their playlist (note that it’s only a week after the winning the contest). If you listen to YleX you can hear the song being played atleast couple of times per day. It’s a hit now but not only is the single song a hit, Krista is too and oh yes, they are going to make a lot of money with her.

Diandra and the all-seeing eye

Universal had another artist on their payroll performing a song in the UMK13 as one of the ten finalists. She is Diandra. Here are a couple of frames snapped from her performance on the finals:

The All-Seeing Eye behind Diandra on the stage.

The All-Seeing Eye behind Diandra on the stage.

Diandra hiding her left eye for the camera in the end of her show. To hide another eye (usually the left) and the triangles or pyramids (her bracelet) are widely used symbols in the entertainment industry to tell people in the know who are puppets of the industry. Apparently Diandra is one of them.

Diandra hiding her left eye for the camera in the end of her show. To hide another eye (usually the left) and the triangles or pyramids (her bracelet) are widely used symbols in the entertainment industry to tell people in the know who are puppets of the industry. Apparently Diandra is one of them.

Why would someone do this on purpose?

Newspapers, TV, movies and especially the music are very effective tools to manipulate people. For instance, sing along for a day or even a week or month to some lyrics saying you are worth of anything and then go to present the company’s new product for the important investors. Sure, you wouldn’t do that. I’m sure your boss wouldn’t like the idea even if you’d think it’s ok.

Throughout the entertainment we are set to have opinions that are not ours. Have you watched the C.S.I. for example? How many criminals in the show keeps their mouth shut in the interrogation room like any other real life hardcore criminal would do? None, or if they do, they are marked insane and you wouldn’t want to look like insane. Instead of learning who we really are, we buy the carbage entertainment and suck all that corrupted information and then we go out and act like we were told. Music does not make any exception, nor does the music videos. If the readers of this post will still think it’s ok to buy Krista Siegfrids and all the artists mentioned, be my guest. They will tell you and your kids what to do. You may not understand it but your subconscious mind will. Good luck everyone untill the next week. Don’t believe the hype, study yourself.


Sources:–25591.html – Diandra on UMK13 finals – The whole finals. (will be removed from Areena afterwards)

Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble Performed Live 2012 American Music Awards AMA

Marry Me music video

Britney Spears music video ”Hold It Against Me”


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  2. sarppa

    Hi. Good job. I’m happy someone besides me spotted the obvious connection.
    You are even more right when we now know how Krista’s new ‘hit’ goes and the video..
    ha. So sad. She is ‘born again’ and ready to be new puppetstar.

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  4. Observer

    During Christmas 2013, Krista performed in the televised “Unelmien siivet” (“Wings of Dreams”) child support concert, obviously with a lot of children in the audience. She was dressed in a highly erotic, black skin-hugging dress, and wore a Mickey Mouse cap. The three cold, expressionless female dancers also had quite revealing dresses. Camera angles emphasized the bodily curves of the performers, with some pointed rear view shots.

    Definitely not a suitable performance for the target audience! But evidently, “anything goes” these days, even if children and young girls and boys are watching.

  5. KLM

    Thanks for your comment! Well observed! I didn’t see the show, but maybe I can still find it.

    By the way, I’m going to start my own website for this kind of stuff in the near future. I’ll post the links later. In the meantime, check my Twitter feed:


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