Kim Dotcom saved the game networks during Christmas

Last night in Finnish time PlayStation Network- and Xbox Live-servers stopped working. The reason for this was an attack by a hacker crew Lizard Squad. Hackers however backed off and console players can thank Kim Dotcom for this.

Networks went down on Christmas day morning in United States, when new video game consoles were unboxed in many families. Because of the unworking networks gamers couldn’t play online. Also other internet services were unabled atleast with PlayStation. For example PlayStation users couldn’t watch Netflix or Youtube with their console.

Behind the attack was a hacker crew called Lizard Squad. The crew had announced in early December (source in Finnish) about their intensions to cripple the game networks during Christmas.

Many entrepreneur should take inspiration of how file sharing service Mega‘s founder Kim Dotcom reacted. He tweeted to Lizard Squad he wants to play Destiny-game on Xbox Live and promised to give free lifetime premium vouchers to his Mega service for the entire crew, if they let people to play on Christmas.

Lizard Squard accepted the deal and ended the attack. Dotcom approved 3000 free premium vouchers and promised to change them to lifetime, if the hackers won’t re-attack.

Lizard Squad again confirmed Kim Dotcom’s offer was the reason for stopping the attack and also complimented the Mega service.

Kelmin Lumo

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