New Ways to Eat and Use Kitchen Utensils (links)

Everyone probably already heard how to use the fast food ketchup cup properly? Yep, you should open it to make it more roomy and dipper-friendly.

But here are more links! The new worlds of consuming food just opened before my eyes!

Buzzfeed 27 tips for using kitchen utensils and food way better than you have done so far!

Weird Utensils that make your eating easier (or kitchen more cluttered).

The study on how the weight and color of the utensils change the taste of the food you’re eating can be found here!

The original cup dipper tip found here on youtube:

(featured image of this blog post is from this video 🙂

And remember to open the two-cube-sugar pack properly, not by ripping, but by bending it along the edge. Urban legend says the inventor did a suicide because nobody ever opened the sugars properly. Don’t be a meanie, bent it open next time!

(actually he didn’t make a suicide but died of old age, Finnish link here confirms the urban legend false)

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