Sour Red Russchian (summer drink)

Having fun with red wine and toy lenses for camera =)

Sour Red Russchian

1 part (organic) red wine (12 cl)
1 part cold Schweppes Russchian (12 cl)
pour into a tall glass and enjoy
If feeling fancy-schpants, add a schlice of lime in the glass.

After enjoying some good time and white wine spritzers last summer, I came up with an red wine alternative. Since this kind of drink was not found anywhere in the google, I took the liberty of naming it myself. So I’ll call it Sour Red Russchian. (or Sour Red Russian, if you like grammar more than fancy schnames).

It’s quite sour, somewhat sangria-like, so people who do not like say, Russchian or Campari, might not like it much. But I love this drink for hot summer afternoons, it’s sour and cool! *cheers*

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