Swedish customs officers grew cannabis at work – The prosecutor says it’s no amphetamine lab

Every time cannabis grow busts are in the news cannabis or the growing it is demonized. Sometimes it’s a huge fire safety risk, sometimes it’s smelling so bad that the neighbors have no choise but to call the cops. But not this time.

Two Swedish customs employees were caught growing cannabis at their workplace. The duo says the plants were purely for research and the intention to find out how fast the plants grow.

The customs workers, who are reported for misconduct, had grown a small number of cannabis plants in enclosed spaces at Helsingborg customs.

No matter how much I love the idea that the officials are growing pot in their work places, they are still doing it secretly while they or atleast their coworkers try to catch everyone else for trafficking. Not acceptable. But the prosecutor has a different view.

– By itself it is not a serious offense, they had not had any amphetamine lab. The serious fact is that this took place in the Swedish customs and working hours, the prosecutor Mats Eriksson commented to Helsingborg Dagbladet.

Authorities have not commented on the case, or whether are the men dismissed from employment. However, they have been moved to side and the Malmö police is investigating the case.

So, next time some poor homegrower gets caught from growing cannabis, keep in mind that

It’s not any amphetamine lab.

Source: Ilta-Sanomat (in Finnish)

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