The deeper meaning of Krista Siegfrids’ ”Marry Me” video

Last week I analyzed Krista Siegfrids‘ live performance at the Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (New Music Competition) and her lyrics in the song in the article ”Finland’s Eurovision song has a hidden meaning”. Krista Siegfrids is a singer from Finland, signed to Universal. She is representing Finland in The Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö this spring. Here are some screen shots from Krista Siegfrids’ ”Marry me” music video.

In the beginning of the video Krista is living in a trailer apparently being very poor and therefore has nothing to lose. She then steps out where her team is waiting. They go to force a rich man to marry her. Her to-be-husband is terrified but later accepts her after everyone else has in the church.


In the beginning she writes that she’s not obsessed and she is just a woman but she obsessively draws a exclamation mark (or something else) pressing the marker harder on the paper. She is not obsessed, atleast she thinks she isn’t, she just has her needs.


Here’s an informative frame at the time when she is singing ”I’m your slave and you’re my master”.

Can you find the 666 in the image? Have a look at the dice on the left bottom corner and on the right side of Krista’s head.

Skulls on the shirt next to a mirror
Skull symbols are often connected to the secret societies.

Fan in the mirror
That’s a fanatic of course. Fans are looking at themselves from the mirror in the video. They want to be like Krista. When you see an image like this, your subliminal mind will say: ”There’s a mirror pointing at me, but as there is a fan instead of my image, I must be the fan then”. It’s simple as that. You need to understand that there is no way the people who made this video would want to put so dominant mirror in the picture and make her to point it with a marker without it’s meaning something. They want to send a message with it. Why would she still carry a marker in the first place? It’s because she needs it to point at the mirror and make it easy for the viewer to find.

One eye
Like I stated in the earlier analyze, to hide another eye (usually the left) is widely used symbol in the entertainment industry to tell people in the know who are puppets of the industry.

David Bowie record shows 3:15 o’clock
David Bowie’s album and another persona is called Ziggy Stardust. Guess where does the name ”Ziggy” originate from? It’s a diminutive to the names Siegfried and Sigmund. How lovely coincidence.

If you feel that was a bit of a far-fetched, think about this. Bowie has stated many times he is into the dark side. So is the scene of the video.

The numbers 3 and 15 in the clock (3:15) are both very spiritual numbers. I’m not going into details now because there’s so much of it. Please do your homework.

David Bowie has also declared himself gay. Krista is wearing a gay biker hat, like her team members do in this video too. What might this video promote (besides a couple of companies)?


Here Krista walks the walk of shame in front of two men heading to her not that straight girlfriends while she’s singing about she is ready to walk the walk of shame.


She grabs one of her girlfriends ass as a sign of being maybe a bi-sexual which is a hot topic now (gay marriage).


The butler looks secretly at the rich man’s genitals with an admiring smile on his face. Also the butler is gay of course.


Krista in the video is still a christian and pure in white. A huge cross needs no explanation.


Krista is singing: ”I’ll change my last name”. In the video she looks to the left for akwardly long time for being a dance move. The reason for this is, she is hiding the cross as long as the whole line lasts by turning her head (and keeping the priest behind her).


Does ”the last name” refer to being christian? Therefore changing religion wouldn’t make a priest happy as you can see here in the spot where the song goes ”Walk the walk of shame”. She’d be in ashame under the God’s eyes.

And yet there is a single by Carrie Underwood (who is also promoting all the secret society stuff) called “Last name”. The song is about a woman waking up in Las Vegas after too much drinking and not knowing her last name because she has gone married while intoxicated. She worries that her “mama would be so ashamed”. Stunning similarities in the lyrics.

Changing the last name also means changing a family and changing one’s identity. This song is all about getting in bed with the music industry, tricking the fans listening its propaganda that could be bad for them.


Here she sings “Yeah, I do it for you, marry me, baby!” and reaches for the sky – not for the man next to her. And definitely not for the priest either.


Here’s one frame more from the video. They call it a product placement. Interflora is a flower delivery network. Their Mercury Man emblem is a symbol of swift and timely delivery which goes along with the theme.


Marry Me music video


  1. Kole

    I knew it! It’s pretty easy to recognize an “illuminated” artist, when you know the symbolism.

    Just before I Googled this site, I saw the new Krista music video “Amen!”
    Well, first thing I noticed was the Mickey Mouse hat which is a symbol of Monarch Mind Control. Lady Gaga wearing Mickey Mouse:

    And the highly sexual behavior including kissing with other girls. And you said, that it’s only a matter of time, when she is gonna get stripped from her white purity and virginity… Well, it has already happened. She wears very erotic black costume in the “Amen!”-music video and acts like slut. She also sings “I’m born again” which hints to the mind control. You can find more info about it in the same link as I already provided above:

    Sorry for bad english.

    • Admin

      I’m sorry that your comment got stuck into our spam system and we didn’t notice it earlier because of the summer holidays 😉

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