This compilation of Russian dash cams shows there is still good in this world

Last night you probably had not much sleep. Maybe you saw distressing dreams all morning, only to be waken up sweaty by your phone app. You look out of the window and know it’s already a rainy miserable day. You realize there’s nothing else to do to save yourself but watching funny and kind videos. We are here for you. We are here to save your poor Monday.

Watch this compilation of human kindness that Russian dash cams have caught on video. Watch how innocent animals cross the street and don’t get hit by the cars. Watch brave men helping old women to cross the streets and people helping motorists without asking. Somewhere there are still people whose hearts haven’t gone black. There are people who get their kicks from helping little animals. Have a good Monday.

Kelmin Lumo

Author is a DJ, visual artist and web designer.

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