CIA’s Chief Technology Officer says you’re a walking sensor platform

CIA’s Chief Tech Officer Ira “Gus” Hunt (screenshot of the presentation)

In this video CIA’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Ira “Gus” Hunt gives a slide presentation at GigaOM’s Structure:Data conference in New York City.

This 30-minute-presentation tells you why CIA wants to know everything about us and the technology to do it is already up and running. Hunt says:

You’re already a walking sensor platform, you guys know this? I hope. Right? Which is that YOUR mobile device, your smart phone, your iPad or whatever it’s going to be, has got eight, just any number of these things.”

By this, Hunt means the possible ways how to collect data of the device user, with features like microphone, image, 3axis accelerometer, touch, light, proximity and geolocation. Hunt continues:

”In fact I think you know this is a limited list of what’s inside these devices … So as you walk around, you, yourself, are a walking mobile sensor platform. And as you walk around, by the way—remember I told you mobile is not secure?—you are aware of the fact that somebody can know where you are at all times because you carry a mobile device, even if that mobile device is turned off. You know this, I hope? Yes? No? Uh.. Well, you should. All right? Because it’s really important to begin to think about that, okay?”

Identity by 3-axis accelerometer

Hunt explains how it can be found out—by simply collecting the sensor data from a smart phone—what the user’s gender is, whether the user is tall or short in 80% accuracy, is the user heavy or light (80% accuracy) and the user can be 100% guaranteed to be identified by his or her gait, simply how the user walk.

Hunt refers to Wisdm LAB’s Android application called Actitracker. Actitracker monitors the smart phone users’ daily activities over the web to provide the users with what they “need to know to live a healthy lifestyle” as the app’s website puts it.

Watch the whole presentation here:

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